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Darkovibes is an exceptional music artist who, like many others, came alive as a result of being around and experiencing the music creation process. After meeting his friend and producer “vacs” who worked in a studio at mallam, they began to explore music creation a few months after seeing how it’s done. From rapping to following trends, he abandoned what was conventional at the time in search of something more, a unique and personal style.

When Darkovibes decided to create music as a potpourri of Ga, Twi, pidgin, and English (with the first two being local Ghanaian dialects) he was strongly opposed by his peers and immediate mentors. His exceptional drive, dedication, and brilliant ability to synthesize all four languages immediately became apparent to his critics. His blend of melodies, vibes, and fun-filled signature exclamations got him recognized by “Illuminati” and “koene” hit-making producer magnom.

The two collaborated to produce a couple of songs for telecommunication giant MTN before the launch of the MTN pulse campaign. His catchy sing-along hook garnered a lot of fans and immediately became the object of admiration of big industry artists like Joey B and Edem to mention a few. He tackles subjects such as love, passion, and dedication in his music with consistency — a quality that will fuel him through the next decade and over. Although Darko is new to the music industry, his creative excellence is in high gear, and produces some eclectic and influential work that captures the spirit of the time. Unfortunately for most people, Darko’s career won’t be going anywhere soon. It has just begun.

Get to know him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @Darkovibes.


 FACEBOOK: Darkovibes TWITTER: @darkovibes INSTAGRAM: darkovibes



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[…] is an exceptional song artist who, like many others, got here alive because of being round and experiencing the music creation […]

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[…] is an exceptional song artist who, like many others, got here alive because of being round and experiencing the music creation […]

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