ProfileAbility Team

ProfileAbility is a music profile marketing network that started in West Africa with inspiration drawn from talented African musicians with abilities. A lot of young people living in Africa are passionately talented with music but fall short when it comes to talent globalization, social media circulation, search engine optimisation, and a stable artiste webpage.

ProfileAbility focuses on elevating young African artists to the global stage by giving them a platform that exhibits their passions.

At ProfileAbility we believe that the different genres of music exhibited by such individuals could gain global attainment, opportunities, bookings, investors, fans, and even record labels where there exists a common profile identifiable or introductory platform.

ProfileAbility tends to put African artists on a top level above the boundaries of their musical potential and dreams.

Who’s Invited?

Everybody is invited! As long as you are African with a passion for doing good music and have acquired yourself digitally mastered audio and music videos. You are also invited if you play instruments or relate yourself to breeding African music thereof.about_Profileability

At ProfileAbility we don’t just enliven your music profiles and skills to the outside world but also promote, educate, guide, propose and popularize your profile through our various marketing platforms.

Additional promotions:(music, videos, banners, etc.)

We help African musicians in attaining their ultimate goals by placing special weight on their brands and categories through free services, shows, and ad spaces. Musicians with special offers also get free music video documentaries, visualizers, hypes and so much more.


We provide the best recommendations based on skills to our various partnered platforms where you can show your talent. We also provide TV interviews and Radio Interviews in about six African countries to aid local and sprouting musicians in their quest for profitable sectors of music.

“Whatever you need to do in your music career to make things right, we are here to help. Our team of qualified professionals renders every service you want to add to your profile and assists you with it.