‘Hola’ to our cherished visitors and subscribers; as long as we want to keep this platform running and clean for users, our main aim is not to burden user with pop-up (non-sense) ads . Our interest of achieving more than 1000 visitors per day has been achieved, with high maximum of returning visitors.

To support the running of ProfileAbility, we give advertisers the chance to advertise their products and services. We put first class priority on advertisers ads by  making sure they are visible on top of every artiste page.

For Eg:

Ad Placement on www.profileAbility.com

300×100 ad banner (Sidebar, All pages)   = GHS130 ($60) per month

300×250 banner (Sidebar, all Pages) = GHS400 ($120) per month

120 x 600 ad banner (Sidebar, All pages) = GHS500 ($250) per month

728 x 90 ad banner (HomePage ONLY) = GHS300 ($150) per month

728 x 90 ad banner in header section (ALL pages) = 900 ($400) per month


728 x 90 ad banner in header section (ALL pages) GHS35 ($15) per day

We will create the ad section for you once you confirm payment.

Text Ads

Contact us for more info about the text ads.


 All Ad banner display on all post pages on the platform

==> The 798×90 ad banner can be below the navigation bar or om top of the page.

== > You can run your ads for a few days if you plan it on a short term.

==> If you opt for the 798 x 90 and 120 x 600 ad banners, We will also promote you via TRENDS on Facebook and on Twitter and also through our Online radio #HITSAFRICA. You also get FREE ad slot on our blog section.

You can  call/pay via

MTN Mobile Money Account: (+233) 544784444

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Discover musicians from Africa with the driven passion and the potentials to succeed.At ProfileAbility, we project talented African Musicians to get heard and to get shared.
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