is a Music Projection Network created with sole interest for the African musician. We seek to gather trending and upcoming talented African musicians under a common and a binding platform providing them a direct searchable link which connects to their feed. doesn’t upload Artiste audio or visual contents directly onto its site unless the artiste has no interest of using any social media platform apart from the ProfileAbility Network. Most of the media,streams,pictures,audio and music you find here is embedded from social media sites such as SoundCloud,Facebook,Twitter, Reverbnation and YouTube or other large video or audio streaming websites or photo hosting sites. The quality of the video streaming is ensured (all videos are embedded from high authority streaming sites).

The same material can be watched or accessed from the above social media websites .Visitors can also find the exact same or similar contents related to the artiste by doing a quick search in the major search engines.

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However posts and cover designs on the site are original of the author’s own take on the artiste with extensive research.

We are willing to remove any violating or impeding materials immediately upon request. Featured Artiste with the ‘F’ on cover design can contact us if he/she wants his/her materials off ProfileAbility.


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