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Josh Blakk

Josh Blakk, born in Accra, Ghana, has always defied limitations, with his upbringing profoundly shaping his creative journey. Raised in a Christian home, music served as his cornerstone. Starting piano lessons at the age of seven, he soon found himself leading music at church. Despite limited support, he taught himself guitar, flute, and saxophone, composing songs since the tender age of eleven. His exceptional talent garnered attention at talent shows and competitions, leaving audiences mesmerized and igniting his ambition to perform for larger crowds, solidifying music as his destined path.

Josh’s musical style effortlessly blends Afrobeat, soul, and highlife, yet he refuses to be confined by categories, constantly exploring new sonic territories. His approach to music embraces spontaneity, honoring each song’s unique essence. His project “Luminis,” dedicated to his wife, reflects his profound personal connection, as he harbors dreams of gracing the Grammy stage.

Josh’s talents have shone through numerous achievements, from participating in Vodafone Icons to representing Ghana in Nigeria’s Project Fame.

Renowned for his engaging performances, Josh captivates audiences with his soulful vocals and compelling narratives. His goal is to create music that transcends boundaries, exemplified by his formation of the Waakye Band, renowned for their “High Soul” fusion of highlife and soul music. Continuously pushing his musical boundaries, Josh strives to make an enduring impact on the industry by introducing new sounds and genres to audiences worldwide.


FACEBOOK: Josh Blakk  TWITTER: @Joshblakk   INSTAGRAM: Josh Blakk


TEL: +233(0553139553)

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