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Femi One

Wanjiku Kimani, popularly known as Femi One, is one of the best musicians that the Kenyan music scene has to offer. Since she first began performing, Femi One has had a steadily growing music career. Her musical career has led her from a schoolgirl with a knack for battle rapping growing up in Nairobi’s Mwiki area to her first signing for record label Kaka Empire and to her current spot as the top female rapper in East Africa.

Her outstanding verse in the “Ligi Soo” remix, which also included a number of rappers like Jay A, Mejja, and Petra, received recognition from both hip-hop fans and the wider music world. She has since released an array of hit tunes, including Kipetero Kiyesu, Tippy Toe, and Pilau Njeri. But in 2020, she had her big break when she dropped the highly anticipated tune Utawezana with Mejja.

Femi One’s debut album, “GREATNESS,” which was released in May 2021, showcases a varied artist eager to switch up her musical approach on a regular basis, just as she does with her eye-catching coloured hair. Femi One made history in the same year by being the first African woman to represent Monster Energy Drink as a brand ambassador.

In a sense, no amount of toxic masculinity will ever be able to bring the dynamic artist to her knees; she has established herself as the most renowned female rapper in Kenya with her distinctive sheng-rapped sound.


FACEBOOK: Femi One         TWITTER: @Femi_One         INSTAGRAM: femi_one



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