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AK Songstress_profile

Akosua Kwakye which is the real name of AK Songstress is a young talented dancehall artiste from the Ashanti region of Ghana, the female reggae/dancehall artiste grew up with her granny and two siblings.

Through the changing scenes of life, she met her mum who came back from Germany. She then moved with her mum and siblings to settle in Accra where she stayed. She then lost her granny a short while after she had moved to Accra.

Akosua realized her passion for acting and music at a very tender age. She took part in several singing activities in school. After her senior high education, she decided to go pro with her singing and has been signed on by Paradise Entertainment the original name behind 4×4 and VIP.

She has currently released twenty- four singles that are enjoying massive airplay and shot nine videos in Ghana and South Africa. A Gifted performer is known for her energy and crowd involvement. AK Songstress has always dreamt of becoming one of the biggest female artists from Ghana and Africa in the world.

She has always created a dreamlike interactive confirmation in her mind for a very long time. When the time came for her to choose a genre of music that could easily and smoothly define her, she chose Reggae/Dancehall/ genre of music.

She didn’t just jump into the scene and become one of the most talked about females in the act, she didn’t come out of the blues to stamp her feet where her counterparts dared not.

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Before anything could alter her dream, she went for grooming under her now management-Paradise Entertainment. Her adventurous and daring abilities stood her out, beefed her boldness, and taught her a lot that she now addresses in her lyrics.

Fast forward to 2104 after her three years of grooming her and you will understand that she was a ‘good student’ who learned the nitty-gritty of the genre coupled with her talent, passion, and zeal.

Ak Songstress is the first female to ever win the ‘Discovery of the Year for Dancehall/Reggae Artiste’ at the 2014 BASS Awards in the midst of male contenders. She also won the maiden edition of “SUPERSTARS REALITY SHOW” with her song “HOLIDAY” adjudged as the most popular song of the competition and her team won the BEST MANAGEMENT TEAM.

Management however pulled AK Songstress out of the 2015 VGMA awards. She won the award for The Best Female Musician (GH) City People Entertainment Awards Nigeria 2015. She also won the best female vocalist Bass Award in 2015.

The highlight of her career is the collaboration with dancehall legend Sizzla Kalonji. She is a firm believer in the principles of Reincarnation and Karma and as such, she stands for purity, goodness, and oneness. She loves animals, especially snakes. Akosua’s famous quote “at the end of time I will say to my creator, All the talents you bestowed on me, I did not leave any untouched”.




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[…] Akosua Kwakye which is the genuine name of AK Songstress is a youthful skilled dancehall artiste from the Ashanti locale of Ghana, the female reggae/dancehall artiste grew up with her granny and two kin. […]

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