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Ivânnea Mudanisse, born in October 1979 in Maputo, Mozambique has the stage name (Dama do Bling ) Lady Bling.

Her career began in 2005 with the support of his colleagues and friends, she dropped her first single ‘Haterz’ ‘. The music, controversial at the time, became a hit .Then in 2006 she released her  first album titled ” The Lady Bling ”, containing ten tracks with participation of Mozambican musicians.

In October 2007 she was nominated in four categories for Channel O Music Video Awards in the categories of “Best female Video”, “Best Video of Southern Africa”, “Video of the Year” and “Best Director Video” which won two of the categories: “Best femenino video”, “Best video of Southern Africa”

That same month saw her released her second CD album entitled “Calls for Bling”, containing 15 tracks containing the hit song “Shut up mouth with participation of Azagaia.

In November 2007 Dama Do Bling won a prize awarded by the Best Music Radio 99Fm a Mozambican radio station with her  music “Calls for Bling”

In April 2008 she launched her first literary work “Diary of a Irreverent” that depicts the artist’s life.

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She was again nominated in September for the MTV Video Music Awards in the category “Best Video femenino” which took place in Abuja, Nigeria, where she shared stage with African and North American artists such as Kelly rowland, Flo-rida and others.

In October 2008 Dama Do Bling was invited to join the project and MTV SHELL MAKING THE VIDEO, an international project that brings together artists from various African countries to create music and video clip. She recorded with DJ Cleo and Blecksem two renowned South African musicians version of the song “Wena Uthini”.

Dama Do Bling further released her third CD “Summer Hits” with a variety of rhythms between a rock, rave and hip hop, with participation of various Mozambican artists in November.

March 2009 she  received an honorable mention of her contribution to the Mozambican culture by Maputo City Municipality in the hands of the mayor Eneas Comiche

In June 2009 she was named for MMA (Mozambique Music Awards) in the categories of “Best Rap” with music calls to Bling, “Best Rock” with Gimme Love music and “Best Duo” with DJ Damost in Flee music, winning this last category.

October she released her  fourth CD “Different but Equal” with two parts, a social intervention and one with scrambled rhythms with abel shares Laste, Sasha, Ras Haitrn, Jutty, Awaio among others.

December was a tour of Namibia acting in two provinces with renowned artists like Gazza, Gal Level, and the South African musician Mandoza.

In April 2010 Dama Do Bling was appointed to the Museke Online Video Awards in the “Best Female Artist” Best Hip Hop “and” Best African Collaboration “winning the three categories.

She was nominated for the Channel O Music Video Awards in the category “Best Video of Southern Africa”, which took place 04 in Sandton, South Africa.

She was nominated for the O2 African Music Award for “Best Collaboration with Sasha” that took place on 15 October in London.

She was nominated for Mozambique Music Awards in five categories “Best Video of the Year”, “Best album of the year”, “Best Hip Hop”, “Best Collaboration feat Sasha” that took place on 22 October in Maputo.

She was nominated for the Sound City Music Video Awards in the “Best Female Artist” “Best Video”, “Best Choreography” and “Best editing video” which took place in Lagos, Nigeria.

And She was also nominated for MTVbase Music Video Awards in the category of “Best Lusophone” with “video Moza Girl”, which took place in Lagos, Nigeria.


March 2011, she released her second book, dedicated to children and titled “Melissa Rainbow”.

July, she was nominated in MOAMAS – Museke Online African Music Awards in the category of best music video.

September, she was nominated MMA (Mozambique Music Awards) and won the prize:
* Artist of the Year
* Song of the Year

* Most popular artist.

December if 2011 to April 2012 interrupted his career for motherhood. ^^


April, returns to the stage with a mega show side of the North American artist Keri Hilson to, and several national artists.

December, acts in a show at Mega Park Continuadores alongside national artists and renowned American musician Sean to paul.

December, considered one of the top 10 artists of Africa 2012 by providing in their video clip “Champion”.


She participates in a video session next series of actor CSI actor Gary Dourgan the US (Warrick Brown) in Portugal – Lisbon.

Participates in Lusotronics Festival in Berlin – Germany, alongside Angolan, Brazilian and German artists.

Nominated for Nea Awards – Nigeria for the category of “Best Video of the South”, took place in the US in September.

Nominated for Mozambique Music Awards in 3 categories “Best Female Artist”, “Most Popular Artist” and Best Music Video ”
Also nominated for the Channel O Music Video Awards in the category “Most Gifted.

Launched in December its 5th GODDESS some where with the participation of Julia Duarte, Claudio Ismael, Dilon, Bruna Tatiana, and YPG.


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