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Trigmatic,the 2011 Undisputed Rapper of The Year was born, Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei on the streets of flamingo,a suburb of Accra.He started his early education at Homecare Nursery School in Dansoman and later continued at St. Martin de Porres also in Dansoman.
He completed Junior High in 2000 and enrolled in St. Martin de Porres Senior High Schoolwhere completed in 2003. Whiles in high school,he identified his penchant for melodies and participated in all musical events and represented his school in this area.

His is a world of art, creativity and melodies, melodies that erupt from the very essence of his soul. His fashion penchant is spiky and his quest for perfection tolls a very hefty part of him. The man who bears the accolade “The Definition of Versatility” has nabbed the very quintessence of music and has it engulfed in him. For lack of words he is music personified

The musical seed in him started germinating during and after his high school education. He’s always seen himself as Ghana’s answer to Hip-Hop.
In 2005 he enrolled at NIIT where he studied network engineering and acquired a diploma in database administration. He put his education on hold and got himself into media and entertainment full time. He became the winner of Vibe Fm’s lyricist lounge around that same period and an underground microphone wrecker whenever he got on stage to bless the microphone
Trigmatic has slowly woven his way into the Ghanaian music scene with his unique style and ability to play with words. He takes your spirit through a lot of journeys and opens you up for a great life adventure while sitting at one spot.
He began to discover himself and gradually brought out the Dancehall and Reggae vibe within. It now became quite difficult to lace him under a genre of music. The more he grew,the ‘sicker’ he became. His quest to become a Hip-Hop icon landed him in a radio station (Vibe FM) where he worked as a co-host to Jeremie on a Saturday show called ‘Young Vibes’.
He has grown from a listener to a radio host to a rapper to musical guru to an indispensable brand with 21 whooping nominations to his name. Around this time (2007), he was able to release a street mixtape called ‘Stain on a cloth’ which earned him a lot of street respect.Two years after, he moved to Yfm,an Accra based urban radio station where he hosted a Saturday show called ‘Y express’. Using this platform,he was able to take his dream to the next level.

In 2010 he signed a management deal with Gab management and together he released his first major album,’PERMANENT STAINS’ which had hit singles such as ‘My Life’, ‘My Jolly’ and ‘Mefiri Ghana’ and got him 7 nominations making him the highest nominee in the 2011 Ghana music awards and won ‘The Best rapper’ of the  year award.
The album also had 3 nominations in the Gospel music awards and 4 at the 4syte music video awards. With this same album,he performed on almost every show in Ghana and toured throughout the nation. He went on a nationwide high school tour which was highly successful. He was awarded “Mentor of The Year” by the Prempeh College and given a certificate of achievement for his contribution to youth empowerment in Ghana.
In 2011, his contract ended with Gab and he;s since been on his own label, Da Trig Entertainment Label. In the same year,he released a second album,’SOUL-u-TIONS which really defined him and his unparalleled versatility and landed him 6 nominations in the 2012 Ghana Music Awards. The album had numerous monster hits like ‘Light and Darkness’ feat Irene Logan, ‘Ajeeii’ feat Raquel and featured great African acts like Mocheddah,Kel and Hakym da Dream.  He’s also recorded with the likes of Kamikaze and Chana.
In 2011, he was appointed ‘head of Hip-Hop’ for MUSIGA (Music Association of Ghana)and still holds that position.
He currently holds a certificate in marketingfrom the Central University College. In 2011 as part of his social responsibilities he adopted a young boy and is currently catering for his education.
He now supports the SAVE OUR LIVES ORPHANAGE and Fosters another child there as part of his social responsibility and runs a foundation called DA MATIC FOUNDATION.

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Trigmatic has become a household name known by both young and old. He has moved from just a rapper to a musical force. He plays with dilates through live performances and does it with expedition.Fundamentally, a storyteller, Trigmatic successfully tells the story of contemporary Ghana from an urban roost: the struggles, incongruities, conquests and hopesand brings home with mellow thoughts and stick up hooks.

His unique voice and concurrent style of fusing different genres on a song leaves him with no competition. He is currently working on his third (3rd) Studio album and his official mixtape.


Discovery of the Year( Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Hip Hop Song of the Year: My Life (Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Hip Life / Hip Hop Artiste (s) of the Year (Ghana Music Awards2011)
Best Rapper of the Year (Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Record of the Year: My Life (Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Album of the Year:  Permanent Stains (Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Song Writer Of The Year (Ghana Music Awards 2011)
Alternate Gospel Song –My Life (2011 Ghana Gospel Industry Awards)
Alternate Gospel Video – My Life (2011 Ghana Gospel Industry Awards)
Best rapper of the year 2014
Songwriter of the year 2014
Record of the year2014
Best overall video 2014
Rapper of the Year (2012)
Album of the Year (2012)
Song Writer of the Year (2012)
Collaboration of the Year (2012)
Reggae Song of the Year (2012)
Record of the Year (2012)
Best Photography – My Life (4syte Music Video Awards 2011)
Best Male Video –My Life (4syte Music Video Awards 2011)
Best Collaboration – Trigmatic and Becca- Push (4syte TV Music Video Awards 2011)
Best Storyline – My Jolly (4syte Music Video Awards 2011)
Best Rapper of the Year (2011)


FACEBOOK: Trigmatic TWITTER: @trigmaticrocks INSTAGRAM: trigmaticofficial

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