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Sampa The Great

Originating from Zambia, the Melbourne-based poet and singer-songwriter, Sampa The Great, is a formidable force. A daring young intellect that defies all odds.

Born Sampa Tembo in Zambia, raised in Botswana and spent time in Australia, the concept of “home” has always been essential in Sampa’s work. She catches listeners’ attention with thought-provoking phrases and encourages them to appreciate the simplicity of creation.

Her diverse and enchanting mix of hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz, and Afrobeat – music that relates to a shared vision of a possible future, in dialogue with the cultural legacy and experiences of the Black Diaspora – has made her one of the world’s most essential artists in only a few short years.

Her theatrical presence is understated yet undeniably magnetic. After a heroic run of swift bars that drives her beyond where most mortals would need a breath, she pounds her chest with a fist as the crowd roars.

Following her Australian Music Prize-winning 2017 mixtape “Birds and the BEE9,” Sampa released her soul-searching debut album “The Return in 2019.” She has continued her relentless ascension to become one of the most sought-after voices in modern rap, breaking through several personal and professional milestones.

For the record, the Zambian singer has won three ARIA Awards (out of a total of six nominations), was awarded BET’s Amplified Artist of the Month and is the first musician to win the coveted Australian Music Prize (AMP) twice.

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Sampa The Great has successfully established herself as one of hip-hop’s most promising talents. Not only is she a gloomy, melancholy hip-hop genius who redefines traditional rap music, but also a forceful commentator, using her words to effect positive change.


FACEBOOK: Sampa The Great       TWITTER: @Sampa_The_Great           INSTAGRAM: @sampa_the_great