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The music industry has evolved massively and has given chance to young and talented artists to take music to a different level and T-Wizzle is proud to be part of such artists.

T-Wizzle In real life as Mathew Kwabena Anning was born on 11th May 1986, After featuring in music videos, providing costumes for the artiste, and acting in television series, T-Wizzle can now count himself as an artiste to reckon with in the Ghana music industry.

T-Wizzle was part of a rap group back in school called 3Bs. The group after all efforts to make it in the music industry had to quit their dreams when they were faced with a lot of financial constraints.

He later got into clothing artists for their music videos and after meeting all the ‘big guys’ in the industry like 4×4, and others, he decided to rekindle his music career again. Taking advantage with this exposure he got, he started making collaborations with them and was able to come out with a couple of Demos.

He had the opportunity to feature in the video for 4×4’s hit song ‘Hot’.

‘Starting a music career wasn’t easy for me in the beginning, I mean I was producing, managing and paying for my own music videos, he said. He sings Afro pop, a bit of Hip hop blend with local and Nigerian style.

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‘Actually, music depends on the beat. Once there is a good beat, you as an artiste know what to do immediately the beat is played’ he added.

He has an album ‘watch and learns’ but his hit singles ‘Swagger Up’ which features Quata and P Sean and ‘Wukele’ featuring Guru, Jimmy Blaak, and Shegee is at the moment enjoying massive airplay. ‘Swagger up’ is basically a song that warns and shuns people who don’t want to see the success of other people. It also talks about the need to dress well to win the hearts of people, and the music is all about fashion and attitude.

‘Wukele’ is a club song mainly for ladies. It talks about how special they are and it’s just to tell them how men appreciate them. My music is for the guys, the streets, and more especially the ladies. I feel proud and good to hear people dance to my music and enjoy it. I love the ladies and I go wild anytime I perform and I hear them scream for more of what I do.

He believes GH music has gone far; ‘Sarkodie has been signed on Konvict Music now and I have also gotten an Amsterdam record label which will be officially launched very soon. This indeed is something to prove that Ghanaian music has gone far and I am very proud to be part of this he said smiling.

Though it hasn’t been easy combining running a boutique, acting, and singing, he believes these are things he passionately loves doing and has no regrets so far. T-Wizzle can be described as a fashion freak for his high sense of colors, haircut, and dress. He was a student of Sec. Tech and ever since has been into fashion, music, and acting.

T-Wizzle attributes his success to his dad, DJ Kess of YFM , to Captain Planet of 4×4, Quata, Infectious and all his fans. He has been featured in the series ‘money and fame’ on Viasat 1. He owns a boutique and wishes to be a very successful musician.


FACEBOOK: T-Wizzle TWITTER: @Realtwizzlegh INSTAGRAM:twizzlegh

FOR BOOKINGS |TEL: +233244646464



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