We seek to promote our profiled African Musicians through search engines and the various social media platforms. We set platforms for Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, Facebook, Youtube etc. through which we project these African musicians to gain recognition through Listening.

Our website has the higher number of subscribers and user return from geographical locations like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Europe, USA and Australia.

Although registering for a page as an African Artiste on this platform is free, we also speed up your projection and recognition by putting factors in place on our website for you. This might include; making your page sticky on our homepage sliders and carousels at only a small charge per month.

We network our artistes through SEO (optimising artistes for search engines visibility), authoring artistes biographies on Wikipedia, content writing, Adword campaigning, and social media marketing for the budding African Musician.

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We have different kinds of promotions; promotion earned and general promotions.

General promotion includes the use of the ProfileAbility’s website and  our numerous and affiliated music websites to promote musicians


Earned promotions might include the promotional plan run by the website based on the number of favorites, likes, and top-lists our members get per month from visitors and users.  Our successful ‘profilers’ get a wide range of promotional opportunities regarding the category of music they belong to.


Paid Promotion category for musicians might include Television interviews, ProfileAbility Interviews, Music Video Promotion both on Television and Youtube Adwords, Music/Audio visualizer for YouTube and Vimeo.Campaigns set up through social media and content writing.

Paid Promotion for our profiled African Musicians as a way of projecting their brands also includes free advertising banners on our blogs, sticky featured post at homepage and sliders for a month, as well as free advertising banners on our social media and third-party sites.


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Discover musicians from Africa with the driven passion and the potentials to succeed.At ProfileAbility, we project talented African Musicians to get heard and to get shared.