If you are on this page, we will like to welcome you to the Profileability Music Network Hub.

At ProfileAbility we ensure that African music gains recognition under one common platform, a unified platform to reach the highest listening audience and fans where they can also recognize, engage, book, and share the artiste’s music and interest.

It is a community where potential artists bring their profiles to get notified, recognised and at the same time, where interested clients come to seek potential people to manage and invest. Our extensive network does well also to propagate these Musicians through our various social mediums, channels and forums.

   Who can register?

If you are an African musician or do anything related to music as an African then you qualify to register and leave us your profile and portfolio at ProfileAbility, (read our privacy policy).

Your submitted profile takes not more than 48 hours for us to review and make it live.


After a successful registration, the more shares  you receive on your profile page and the more you are top-listed in your category gives you the chance of  becoming eligible for PA Frontal promotions! We would instantly project your profile and add you to the Top-Listed Artiste Reel!