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Evans Twumasi Ampofo

I am Twumasi Evans,a contemporary lead guitarist from Ghana,Playing guitar has been one of my greatest passion , I have been playing guitar mostly as a form of hobby and also to aid me in my song compositions.

Through playing guitar i have also acquired the skill of teaching professional guitar using rudiments and the tablature .I did gain the skill of playing the guitar at the then Calvary Charismatic Music School.

I am well versed in playing and constructing barred chords, blue soloing, pentatonic and jazz scale.I combine a wide range of chords progressions, soloing scales and arpeggio picking with chromatic in my performances.


I do contemporary song writing on timely bases. As I said i write contemporary soul and inspirational music to complement my guitar playing and skills .Though am not too good at singing but I have written a number of songs. The ability to write songs rhythmically has come to me as a gift and from then I had kept a collection of music portfolio, writing at least a song everyday.

Most at time nature influences my way of song writing and composition  and I do well to paint  them with colors thereof. I had written songs under themes like sunshine’s,vegetation, birds, waterfalls, flowers, winds etc.personifying human life into them.

Currently I have written a set of  inspirational and motivational tracks, with my self titling topics below of which preview son . A few are:

  • keep on trying,
  • Self-pessimism,
  • why settle for less,
  • Take Jesus now,
  • Heal me,
  • out of the wilderness,
  • sunshine,
  • aspiring on high.
  • Going home,
  • give you all,
  • a life lead,
  • a little while,
  • Emmanuel etc.

I’m also inspired to write based on my clients theme and selection.

All songs that I compose has an audio rendition ( a little chopped ) performed  at a home studio.

This song is for Preview purpose only. All rights Reserved ©2013
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