Susumila known biologically as Yusuf Kombo was born on April 30, 1983, in Mombasa county. He is from the streets of Bombolulu Bankhead Zone. He is a Kenyan musician. His original stage name, Kanali It stems from his childhood nickname given by his peer. He later changed it to Susumila. Read more…



Ndegz born Ndegwa Ndegwa is an award-winning Afro-Pop singer, songwriter, producer and rapper who started out in the Kenyan music industry at the age of 18. Now 26 years old the Kenyan born and raised talent has been dubbed the artist to watch for 2016, after a successful 2015 which many Read more…

Afro Soul

Cece Sagini

Cece Sagini , was born and raised as Cecilia Sagini Kemunto on 5 November 1991 in Nairobi, Kenya. She is the last born in a family of four sisters; Esther Sagini, Stella Sagini, Cynthia Sagini and herself. Growing up with a father, ‘Anthony Sagini’, who enjoyed music and played the guitar and her Read more…


Eric Wainaina

Eric Wainaina’s music to date has been a blend of Kenyan Benga characterized by Soukouss-inspired guitar lines, pop harmony and traditional instruments. After garnering close to every award the local and regional industry had to offer this artist is setting his sights on the global market having had recent successes Read more…



Makalatsi afro band was formed by lead singer,composer and percussionist Benson kahindi and guitarist,singer composer and songwriter Hakim ziya.The musical journey started in 2011.Makalatsi means natural elements.their music is heavenly influenced by mijikenda cultural and music styles such as gonda,chechemeko,mwanzele,and has also coastal taaarabic melodies influences with different elements dimensions. Read more…



Former Kleptomaniacs member Nyashinski real name is Nyamari Ongegu. It seems former Kleptomaniacs member Nyashinski has made a comeback to the Kenyan music scene after a long hiatus, and his fans are thrilled about it. Nyashinski is featured in Nameless’ latest song “Letigo” With hits such as ‘Haree’, ‘Maniax Anthem’ Read more…


Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani, born in LA, originally from Kenya started writing, recording and performing at 16, Lived in Nigeria her high school years, and Moved back to Nairobi, Kenya at 17…since then, she has been back and forth between LA, ATL, NY and London working with top artists and producers, perfecting Read more…

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